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What We Provide

Best way to eat an elephant picture

The beauty of using HR Success is you can utilise us as much or as little as you want.

You know the expression….What’s the best way to eat an elephant? Sometimes the scope of what is required within HR seems overwhelming.  Our approach is designed to make the process simple for you – one bite at a time!!

Remember, this is our area of expertise.  We take the workload off you and you have the luxury of knowing that we will mind your HR and allow you to mind your business.

Picture this Scenario as an example. Jenna runs a growing tech start-up. As her business expands, she realizes she needs to hire more staff, create contracts, handle employee grievances, manage benefits, and stay updated on changes in legislation.  It’s not just about hiring anymore. It’s a whole universe of responsibilities she wasn’t fully prepared for.

One evening, after a day full of interviews, Jenna stumbles upon an article about a new employment legislation update. Panic sets in. How will she find time to read it, understand it, and implement necessary changes, all while running her business?

Enter HR Success.

Jenna decides to collaborate with our team. Initially, she wants assistance only with creating contracts. But, as she realizes the depth of expertise we bring, Jenna begins to lean on us for other aspects too – performance management, understanding employment legislation, even employee grievances.

With our help, Jenna doesn’t feel overwhelmed anymore. She realizes that HR, like the proverbial elephant, can be managed one bite at a time, especially when you have the right support system. Today, Jenna focuses on what she does best – leading her start-up to new heights. Meanwhile, we, at HR Success, ensure her business remains compliant, her employees are well-managed, and Jenna sleeps better at night.

Your business deserves the same peace of mind. Let us help.

HR Services

“To win in the marketplace, you must first win in the workplace.” – Doug Conant, CEO of Campbell’s Soup

Employee Onboarding

We assist you in devising a programme to fit your business that enables your new starters to meet the requirements of their role and feel a part of your team from Day 1. Remember you work hard to recruit them - make sure they feel welcome. Don't allow their introduction to your business to be a disappointing experience that leaves them disillusioned.

Performance Management

Quite often we get clients coming to us at the end of their tether regarding poor performance from one or more of their employees. The first question we ask is "Have you told them?" Quite often the reality is they haven't. Avoid allowing poor performance to become a problem by having a robust Performance Management process.

Employee Relations

You want to have a strong team of employees who are focused on moving your business forward and taking care of your priorities. However, when there are employee issues such as bad timekeeping, increased absences, employees disengaging, bullying in the workplace, this affects the whole team. We are equipped to guide you through these issues. Let us help.

Training and Development

There are so many ways of supporting your employees to enable them to be their best selves. We can offer you support and advice on resources that are available. The Workplace Relations Commission are recently pointing out that it is not sufficient to just have a Dignity at Work Policy in place - you need to demonstrate that you have ensured your employees are provided with training to understand their obligations and know the process. We can provide this.

Legal Compliance

We can ensure that all employees are furnished with a Contract of Employment, a clear and relevant Job Description and a Company Handbook bespoke to your business. We will keep you informed of all new legislation as it comes into play and advise you of what you need to do to continue to be compliant. We begin with each client by undertaking a HR Audit to identify any areas we need to address to give you the peace of mind of knowing you are meeting all obligations. We will furnish you with all the policies and procedures needed for your business.

Organisational Strategy

Sometimes, particularly in a new business, it's natural to address situations that arise with kneejerk reactions. Maybe employ too quickly or assign responsibilities to an individual who may not be ready or suitable. We can help you to pause and breathe - take your time and take a strategic view of your organisation chart and identify what's best for your business needs in for now and in the longer term. We can help you design the roles you require and write up the job descriptions and job advertisements to help you sources the right people.

HR Success